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Play to Win - Wheel of Wishes Promo at All Slots

Make a new year's wish and watch it come true when you play to win - Wheel of Wishes promo at All Slots for real money give-aways.  The promotion runs throughout the month of January, ensuring gamers the opportunity to use their gambling activities to help them start off their new year on the right foot. 

The promo is applicable to PC and mobile gamers who can link all of their All Slots casino games on any of their preferred platforms with promotional offers that add additional payouts to their gaming activities. 

Throughout January the casino invites you to spin the Wheel of Wishes and watch your hopes and aspirations for new year happiness and prosperity come true.

Happy New Years

The ancient world relied mainly on the moon's cycle to determine the ebbs and flows of the yearly cycle. New Years were celebrated in a variety of ways in Mesopotamia, Persia, China and throughout the Middle East. 

One of the first civilizations to regard the New Year as a time of reflection and resolution were the Jews who observed "Rosh HaShana" as a period in which they asked for forgiveness for their misdeeds of the previous year and prayed for a good year to come. New Years resolutions were also a feature of the Babylonian new year. Babylonian citizens made promises to their gods that they would pay their debuts and return borrowed objects. 

Before Julius Caesar instituted the solar-based calendar in 46 B.C. the Romans would make promises to the pagan god Janus that they would reform their bad habits. Medieval knights had the custom of taking a "peacock vow" after Christmas to affirm their commitment to chivalry.   

Today close to half of all adults in the Western World make New Years resolutions. Many hope that, by proactively "taking the bull by the horns," they can ensure themselves a good year to come.


Together with the new years resolutions, many people bestow good wishes on themselves, their family and their friends and neighbors. But, while you can control whether or not you adhere to your resolutions, the question of whether wishes come true is generally a matter that is not in one's control. 

With the January Wheel of Wishes promo at All Slots, wishes do come true in the form of guaranteed casino give-aways. Regardless of the level of your deposits or your previous gaming history, you can be assured that every spin of the wheel will result in casino prizes.

Start Playing

To play the Wheel of Wishes bonus, just sign into your regular casino account and go to the promotions page at on your PC or mobile device. Sign into the promotion and spin the wheel. There are five promotional periods during January and you receive one spin of the wheel during every promotional week. Promotion periods include 

  • December 27 2015 through January 3 2016 – First Round
  • January 3 2016 through January 10 2016 – Second Round
  • January 10 2016 through January 17 2016 – Third Round
  • January 17 2016 through January 24 2016 – Fourth Round
  • January 24 2016 through January 31 2016 – Fifth Round 

Keep your eye on the promotions page to determine your prize. 

Wheel of Wishes Prizes

There are six different prizes in the Wheel of Wishes. Every spin results in a prize. In addition to your once-a-week spins you can also earn additional spins through your gambling activities – if you play for four days during a promotional period, you'll receive an additional spin in the following week's spins. 


Your spin indicates your prize. There are six possible prize options including free spins, bonus loyalty points, free bonus credits, cashback deals, multiplied loyalty points and tickets to the Stardust Draw.

  • You may receive Free Spins on some of your favourite slots including Gold Factory, Ariana, Immortal Romance, Bridesmaids or Avalon pokies. If you're playing on mobile your free spins are good for Avalon and Bridesmaids. You can use your free spins that you won while playing on a PC when you play on mobile and free spins that you won when you played on your mobile device when you play on your PC.
  • The Wheel of Wishes may award you Bonus Loyalty Points which will be credited to your Loyalty Account and used at any time, on any of your preferred games.
  • The Wheel of Wishes credits you with bonus credits which you can apply to any game on a PC or on mobile. You may be required to make a minimum deposit in order to collect your free bonus.
  • There are Cashback Deal prizes in the Wheel of Wishes. You'll receive cash back on deposits that you make following your Wheel of Wishes spin. You must redeem your cashback deals during the promotional round in which it was won.
  • The Loyalty Multiplier multiplies the loyalty points that you earned over the course of the previous 48 hours. These loyalty multiplier points can't be exchanged for tickets to the Stardust Draw, as you can with regular Loyalty Points.
  • You can earn tickets to the January 31st 2016 Stardust Draw.

Stardust Draw

The Wheel of Wishes bonus promotion comes to a grand finale on January 31st 2016 with the Stardust Draw. The casino will be giving away $25,000 in this draw in denominations ranging from $1000 to $5. You participate in the draw via the draw tickets that you win from your Wheel of Wishes spins OR when you exchange 50 regular Loyalty Points (not loyalty multiplier points) for an extra ticket. The more tickets that you enter into the draw, the bigger your chances are to win.

1440 winners will be chosen including

  • $1000 bonus prizes to be presented to five winners
  • $500 bonus prizes to be presented to 10 winners
  • $100 bonus prizes to be presented to 25 winners
  • $50 bonus prizes to be presented to 50 winners
  • $25 bonus prizes  to be presented to 100 winners
  • $10 bonus prizes to be presented to 250 winners
  • $5 bonus prizes to be presented to 1000 winners.

There's one prize per participant in the draw. If you're chosen twice you'll receive the prize with the highest value.

At the online casino of Australia you play to win - Wheel of Wishes promo at All Slots is the chance to spin your way to a happy and prosperous new year.