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Promotions with Ukash Payment Method

The Ukash Payment Method offers players complete anonymity and the ability to deposit cash in real time in their casino account. It is very simple to pay with Ukash at the casino and some casinos encourage casino pay by Ukash with an extra 10% deposit bonus awarded to first time depositors. The beauty of the Ukash Payment Method is that the player can remain totally anonymous. When purchasing his vouchers he does not have to identify himself or register any personal details. Of course players that decide to buy Ukash vouchers online through the Ukash website do have to complete a simple registration but apart from that they still remain anonymous. To pay with Ukash is becoming one of the most popular online casino deposit options because it is so easy to use.

How the Ukash Payment Method Works

The way that the Ukash Payment Method works is very simple. Players purchase a voucher at one of the many different outlets around Australia that support Ukash. Or the player can register and purchase a voucher through the Ukash website. Each voucher has a unique 19 digit code and this is the key to the player’s money.  When depositing at the online casino the player enters the banking section of the casino and chooses the option to pay by Ukash. He then enters the unique 19 digit code that he received when purchasing the voucher. The money on the voucher is instantly transferred to his casino account and he can start playing his chosen casino games for real money. It really is as simple as it sounds. The Ukash vouchers can be combined if the player has a few lower denomination vouchers or he can split vouchers if he does not want to use all of his cash voucher in one go. Ukash can also be converted between currencies if the player wants to chance his voucher from Australian dollars to another currency if he is travelling.

Security and Instant Access with Ukash Payment Method

Up until recently there was one main disadvantage of using Ukash and that was that withdrawals cannot be carried out from the casino back to an Ukash voucher. But, Ukash now offers a special debit card; the Ukash MasterCard voucher. The player can use the debit card at many different outlets online and physical shops in addition to being able to draw out real cash from an ATM. When a casino player makes the decision to pay with Ukash he is making a conscious decision about the security of his money. There is no change of fraud with this excellent method, unless the player misplaces his Ukash code. Each code is very unique and cannot be broken or assigned to another purchaser. The player does not have to divulge any of his own personal information when using Ukash and he can add to detract from his voucher giving him endless possibilities. Playing casino games for real money has become a lot easier for Australian players since they started using the Ukash Payment Method.  Being able to pay by Ukash also means that the player can keep a very good track on how much he is spending at the casino, he can only spend as much as the value of his voucher or vouchers and has to physically go out and by more vouchers or log into the system online in order to buy more. This is a great way to enforce a budget and keep the amount of spending in check.

The advantages of the Ukash Payment Method speak for themselves and contribute to the popularity of casino pay by Ukash.  If you haven't yet, be sure to try out Ukash next time you play at All Slots Casino.