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Poli Payment Method

Online players can turn to the Poli Payment Method for a quick, easy and friendly Internet banking option to facilitate all of their online gambling needs. Via the Poli bank alternative gamers can initiate all casino banking transactions with a few clicks of their mouse. It's free to register for a Poli account and there are low service fees so you can look forward to using POLi as an affordable Internet banking option. POLi users gamble online in a private atmosphere. This means that the player's casino deposits and withdrawals are never linked to their personal credit card or bank account to ensure that privacy will be maintained for all fund transfers. There's no need to manage any type of bank account when using the safe and secure POLi payment method.

Online Real Money Gambling

All online casino games are available in both the casino's Free Mode for free gaming and in the Real Mode for real money gambling. Casino advisors suggest that players take advantage of the Free Mode to experiment with new games and review the rules and strategies of old favourites. Casino consultants note that when you take the time to practice a game, it can help you play more successfully in the future when you're playing for real money prizes. To play games for free in the Free Mode, simply sign into your casino account, select "Free Mode" and play your game for as long as you wish for free, with no obligations to make any deposits.

Sometimes players are satisfied to remain in the Free Mode for their gambling activities but most players are interested in earning real money prizes. For them, the Real Mode offers an interactive and fun-filled gaming venue. Playing in the Real Mode presents the opportunity to earn payouts on gaming activities including regular wins, bonus promotions, casino draws and other real money incentives.

To play in the Real Mode, you must first link your casino account to your preferred online bank account. This link facilitates your game deposits and gives you easy access to your cash when you're ready to withdraw your earnings.

Casino eBanking Options

All Slots Casino supports numerous ebanking institutions. Some people use their regular credit or debit card for their casino gaming or purchase an evoucher or ewallet card online or from a local vendor. It's also possible to sign up for an account at a local bank where account holders can transfer their funds to their casino account. Via eChecks you can write an electronic check from your bank to your personal casino account. All of these options are useful for online gamblers but not every digital banking solution is a good option for every player.

Some players wish to separate their gaming activities from their regular banking activities and thus would prefer to use an ebank that doesn't link to their credit/debit card or their local bank account. Other gamers look for an online banking solution which allows them to track their banking activities easily. Such gamers prefer to rely on an ebank that links to their regular bank. There are other considerations as well.  

The Poli Alternative

Poli is an Internet bank that interfaces with the top brick-and-mortar banks around the world. The Pay Anyone payment alternative works by giving users a unique link to their own POLi account where they can conduct their casino banking in a safe and secure Internet banking environment.

The Poli Payment Method utilizes a Link functionality tool which allows gives users the chance to initiate quick deposits and withdrawals on any PC or mobile gaming platform, from any location, at any time of the day or night.

To fund your POLI account, create a link between your personal bank account and your POLi account. Then, open your casino account and click on the "Banking" tab to go to the casino's banking page. Click on the Poli Logo to select this payment method as your preferred ebank. It's also possible to indicate the POLi method as your ebank of choice when you make your first casino deposit.

The bank's Pay Anyone functionality allows you to transfer your payments to your online casino account in any desired amount and in any currency at your leisure. When you initiate a transfer Poli will automatically populate the payment details for the casino bank so, upon payment confirmation, you'll be ready to start playing your favorite table games, card games, lotteries or slot machines.

To withdraw your earnings, complete a withdrawal request. The casino will deposit your funds into your Poli account in the currency of your choice. Now you can use your casino earnings for any further online or offline purchases. You can also withdraw your funds in cash at a participating Poli merchant.   

Computer Compatibility

POLi suggests that you check your computer system's compatibility to ensure that the system will support the POLi web browser. You can sign into your POLi account via the PC or mobile device's Internet browser to take advantage of the POLi payment alternative.

After you register for your POLi account, follow the prompts and install the POLi web browser. Compatible systems include Microsoft NET Frameworks of 2.0 or above, Microsoft Windows XPs, Vistas, Windows 7, Windows 10, Server 2003 and Server 2008 operating systems. POLi invites you to run a computer check to ensure that your computer meets interface requirements. Upon making your first deposit you'll be prompted to install the POLi file. Via this webfile, all of your subsequent deposits and casino withdrawals will be facilitated quickly and expediently.  

Safe and Secure

The Poli payment method assures you of a safe and secure online banking service. The POLi web browser uses advanced security features. Your banking details remain protected at all times and no personal banking details, including those for your local POLi-connected bank (username and password) will be revealed as you make POLi transfers or collect casino payments. POLi  utilizes an advanced 128-encryption system to protect your funds.  

You can contact Poli for further information and clarifications at [email protected]. Alternately, check out the POLi website for more details.

If you're looking for a quick and reliable payment method for your casino activities, play with POLi.