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Neteller Payment Method

As the years go by and technology is evolving rapidly, many errands that used to be tedious and time consuming are now easy and sometimes even fun. Anyone with access to the internet can run errands online; purchasing clothes for the kids, grocery shopping, reserving concert tickets, paying bills and more. As the demand for online banking only grows, the need for a secure environment for all money deposits has never been greater. Many users are afraid that while using the internet for payments of any kind, their banking account would be hacked or their money will be somehow stolen. In order to avoid the problem in the first place, it is recommended to use the Neteller payment method as an online wallet.

Using Neteller

In order to enjoy the services that Neteller provides, there are three short steps that have to be followed in order to register. After the account is created, the possibilities are endless. In order to start using Neteller, the user must transfer money to the account in one of two ways; cashing out money from a merchant site or making a deposit directly from the bank account or credit card. There are many possible options to do the latter, so all users have to make sure to pick the best and quickest way for them. It should be noted that while making deposits into personal accounts, a small fee would be charged in addition to the user’s deposit. The Neteller website offers a full list of viable transfer options and the percentage that will be added if any of them will be used, so there will be no confusion over the bill at the end of the month. Also, if the transaction involves currency conversion, Neteller adds 2.95% to the fee. VIP members get lower exchange rates of 1.25% on foreign exchange fees.

Apart from that, the most important thing about using Neteller is the fact that the payments made through the service are valid on most website, including shopping websites and casinos. All the well-known online casinos are accepting Neteller deposits, so veteran gamers can use this service as a buffer between the casino and their personal banking accounts without the need to worry about identity theft or worse. All in all, Neteller for Aussies is one of the most popular payment methods in the gambling world.

Safety and Security

The Neteller services are often used for making a deposit at an online casino. This particular payment method is a comfortable one for online gamers as it allows them to make online deposits on all casinos in a matter of seconds, while the details of their accounts stay private. Neteller uses 128-bit encryption technology, identity verification and other methods to protect user’s accounts from online fraud. Neteller also provides its users with a long list of tips on how to stay safe online, how to avoid email scams and a lot of very useful information for all users online and not only account holders.

Extra Perks

There are also many rewards available for all Neteller users, making the whole experience of working with this particular payment method much more lucrative for everyone. For starters, as the account is set up, all members can join the Reward Points program that allows all users to collect one point for each time money is moved in or out of the personal account. When the number of points is big enough, they can be transformed into electronics, gift cards and even cash.
Also, Neteller VIP members have some great advantages over regular users; they get up to 0.5% cash-back every month, free withdrawals, smaller fees and more. Furthermore, all Neteller users has access to an abundant variety of discounts, updated every month to keep the account holders on their toes.

In case of any technical difficulty, the Neteller support team is available around the clock, and can be contacted via email or phone. Also, the service offers many other ways to increase your satisfaction of using Neteller, including a Refer-a-Friend program and all kinds of promotions, so no one will regret joining in and using Neteller as an online wallet.