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Credit Card Payment Method Revolution for Online Casinos

The Credit Card Payment Method has undergone a revolution at the online casino. When online casinos were first introduced casino deposits by credit card was basically the only way to place bets together with direct bank transfers. Then all sorts of different third party deposit options were introduced, many of them are still being used. But now, to pay with your credit card is back in fashion and there are a number of reasons for this. The Credit Card Payment Method is very simple to use and very quick and easy. As long as the player is in credit with his card he is able to make a purchase at online casinos.

In order to use the Credit Card Payment Method, the player needs to enter the banking section of the casino and choose credit card as his preferred method of payment. Once he has chosen this, he identifies the type of credit card that he has and marks it, he is then required to input the long unique credit card number, the expiry date of the credit card and in some cases the security number on the back of the credit card. The player then decides how much money he wants to draw from his credit card for his purchase at the online casino. And once approved the money is immediately transferred through to the players casino account. It really is as simple as it sounds.

Using the Credit Card Payment Method

The amount transferred will appear on the player’s credit card bill either as the casino name or the holding or trading company name of the casino. The transfer is instant and the player does not have to worry about waiting for a check to clear or registering at a third party website. Being able to place instant bets when the urge is there is an important factor in satisfaction when playing online casino games. The credit card is secure and the player does not divulge any of his own personal banking information when making casino deposits by credit card. Each and every transfer transaction at the online casino is fully encrypted and secure with special technology that totally ensures the security of the player and all of his personal information. The Credit Card Payment Method is a trusted and favoured option or many Australian players.

Credit Card Payment Method Options

Not all credit cards are accepted at all of the online casinos. Players need to check that their own credit card option is one of the accepted options for purchase at online casinos. Many online casinos also accept debit cards and the prepaid debit card is fast becoming another of the popular options for deposits at the online casino. Players can keep an excellent track of their deposits using a debit card by making sure they only have a limited amount available on their debit card and if the player goes past his limit he is not able to deposit at the casino. Players are able to withdraw winnings from the casino games back to the credit cards and also the debit cards.

This is another bonus to choosing to pay with your credit card. The player applies for confirmation to withdraw winnings back to his credit card and once approved the withdrawal is carried out within a couple of days. The Credit Card Payment Method is a favourite option at the online casinos and mobile casinos in Australia not just because of his convenience but also its security and the fact that it is so simple and easy to use.  So give it a try at All Slots Casino on your next visit to the casino - mobile or online.