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There is Every Possible Style of All Slots Casino Games

All Slots Casino has such a large store of online casino games that, even if you already are a loyal long-time player at All Slots, you may not have tried every one of All Slots Casino games.  So in this article we will talk exclusively about All Slots Casino games.

Let’s Begin with Pokies

With about 250 pokies, All Slots has one of the largest collections of online pokies in Australia.   They have 3-reel pokies for nostalgia buffs and more modern 5-reel pokies with a long list of categories to satisfy every Aussie.  Ariana, Immortal Romance, and Avalon are three of the many romantic pokies.  However, women also take on more action-packed roles in such pokies as Game of Thrones, Agent Jane Blond, and Girls with Guns: Jungle Heat.  The famous Aussie love affair with adventure is replicated in Adventure Palace, Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword, and Surf Safari to name three. 

All Slots has pokies in many other themes as well such as fantasy, humour, sport, drama, and danger.

Modern pokies have spectacular animation, graphics, and sound quality.  Many pokies are based on hit television series or movies.  The main characters appear on the reels and sometimes actual scenes from the shows or movies come alive.  Modern graphics technology has done amazing things with pokies.

The tremendous strides that have been achieved in graphics and animation are especially felt in mobile casino games.  Many of the mobile pokies that All Slots offers require state-of-the-art graphics.  Just a couple of years ago the technology was not yet available but now it is.  So, because there are a limited number of mobile pokies apps that All Slots can offer, it makes an effort to make its mobile pokies visually stunning in the mobile medium.

There are Regular Games and There are Progressive Games

Many of the pokies online for Australia feature progressive jackpots.  These jackpots often go over $1,000,000 because the jackpots are created by many players in a network.  In the case of All Slots, the network could be Jackpot Factory, the online casino group of which All Slots is the flagship casino or the network could be Microgaming, which provides the online gaming software for many casinos, not just All Slots.

Play for Real Money or Play for Free

Some players like to play pokies in play mode before they play in real money mode.  All Slots fully supports players’ desire to play free pokies in Australia.  Thus, at All Slots, once you’ve registered as a player, you can play in practice mode as much as you like.

All Slots Has Hundreds of Other Casino Games

In conjunction with playing pokies, most Aussies like to play the standard casino games.  These would include blackjack, roulette, craps, baccarat, keno, and table poker.  Some games such as blackjack, poker, and roulette lend themselves to numerous variations.  In blackjack, the variations may involve rules changes regarding soft counts in the dealer’s hand, splitting, doubling down, surrender, and insurance.  In fact, there is also a blackjack variation where the winner can have 22 points!

Anyone who has played friendly poker with his or her pals knows that poker may have the largest number of variations of any game.  You can play with five cards or seven, draw poker or stud, with or without wild cards, with or without jokers.  In poker the options are seemingly endless.  All Slots provides many varieties of table poker.

Variation in roulette is primarily in three areas.  In American Roulette, there are both 0 and 00.  In European Roulette there is only 0.  French Roulette is like European in having only 0 but it also has two unique rules called La Partage and En Prison.  La Partage means that, when the number 0 comes up, all even money bets are divided between the house and the player.  Thus the player loses only half his bet.  En Prison means that if 0 comes up a marker is placed over every even-money bet and they ride for one more spin.  If you lose on the second spin, you lose the bet.  If you win the second spin, the bet is returned to you without the payout.  Obviously, no roulette game can offer both but whichever rule applies to your French Roulette game, the house advantage is reduced to 1.35%.

Make All Slots your Video Poker Centre

Video poker differs from table poker in one big way: video poker is always a form of five-card draw.  Many players enjoy video poker for the simplicity of each game and also because payouts in video poker often exceed 98%.  This latter fact obtains at most online casinos, not just All Slots.  All Slots has over 50 variations of video poker but the basics are the same.  Pay attention to the payscale and to the unique rules that apply to individual games. 

Two points to note are:

  • In video poker you click on the cards you want to hold not the ones you want to discard.  In the friendly five-card draw games you have played since you were a kid, you touched the cards you didn’t want to keep in order to discard them.
  • In video poker, you win when you achieve the minimum hand to win and you lose if you don’t.  The dealer doesn’t play.  In some hands, you may realize that the odds are against your achieving a winning hand even before you draw.  In some variations of video poker you can concede the hand without drawing cards and you lose only your ante.

Arcade Games, Scratch Cards, and Casino War

All Slots knows you like a break from the classic games so they provide some games to relax the mind.  Arcade games are tongue-in-cheek ways to play.  Scratch cards and Casino War may be less humorous than the arcade games but they are not nearly as tiring as blackjack or poker!

Even When You’re Home you Can Go Live

All Slots offers blackjack, baccarat, or roulette at their Live Casino.  You can interact with the dealers.  You can also choose to have a Playboy Bunny as your dealer!

Play for Progressive Jackpots

We mentioned progressive jackpots above with regard to pokies.  All Slots has many other progressive games so, if you love to play for the big wins, All Slots has you covered!

How Long Does it Take One Aussie to Try Out Every One of 500 Games?

It may take a long time for anyone to play every one of All Slots Casino games!  But you will have a great time trying!